Kagiso le Tswelelopele

“Peace and Prosperity”

Welcome to the National Wetlands Indaba 2023

An in-person event, scheduled for late October 2023 and being held in the North West Province, SOUTH AFRICA

It’s time for Wetland Restoration

Ramsar 2023 Theme

Your host, the North West Wetland Forum (NWWF).

Eric Munzhedzi

Eric Munzhedzi

Chairperson: Organising Committee

Assistant Director: Dept. Forestry, Fisheries & Environment (DFFE)

Some details for now …

The National Wetlands Indaba is an annual event intended to provide a platform for a cross-disciplinary gathering of practitioners involved with the conservation and sustainable utilisation of South Africa’s wetland resources. These include scientists, decision-makers, researchers, conservationists and educators hailing from various organisations and Government departments.

This year’s Indaba is being hosted by the North West Wetland Forum in the beautiful North West Province of South Africa. The event also offers the Forum an opportunity to display its new logo, one that represents the North West province well.

Dates are not confirmed yet, but book off the last two weeks in October this year as options for Indaba.

The theme for Indaba this year will be in accordance with that of Ramsar, namely “It’s time for Wetland Restoration”. So, be part of an event that celebrates this theme through invited keynote speakers, plenary sessions, presentations, workshops, discussions and training events.

The NWWF and the local organising committtee look forward to welcoming you to Indaba 2023. Please check back from time to time for updates and notices around the event.


Eric Munzhedzi

The stories are in the soil

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Our vibe, Our tribe

Here’s a Fun Fact about the Indaba

If you have a look at the URL for this website, you will notice that the number “26” has been included in it.

Why? Well, this is the number of years that the Indaba has been held since its inception in 1996. So, the Indaba is 26 years old this year.